Do you have an affiliates program and how does it work?
Posted by on 22 April 2013 10:07 AM

SHUKR does offer an affiliate program. When you join our affiliate network, you are given a trackable link and will receive a commission from every sale that comes from that link. The links are usually displayed in the form of banner ads or within blog posts.

The immediate benefit of an affiliate program with SHUKR is that you receive a percentage of total revenues all year round. In addition, you have total control; you can display our ads when and where you wish. If you do not wish to display our ads during your peak advertising season, you can remove them. At less busy times, you can display them. The choice is yours.

Other benefits of SHUKR adverts placed with you?

    Other Islamic clothing companies and indeed other providers of Islamic products and services recognize SHUKR as the industry leader. Based upon our assessment, we have noticed that sometimes other companies have followed where we advertise. It seems that their rationale is that wherever SHUKR advertises, such a medium must be worthwhile and may be the cause of SHUKR's success.

    Our campaigns turn heads. Our images are unique and our ad designs are both superior quality and highly professional. Our ads impact how your audience views your company. In addition, our ads raise the bar amongst your existing and future advertisers, motivating them to submit first rate adverts. All of which results in a heightened brand image for your organization.

    SHUKR is an Islamic company based on Islamic principles. Your audience will connect with your organization and your message when they see that you support and promote professional Islamic companies. We also encourage you to take advantage of what SHUKR has to offer by writing an article or conducting an interview with one of our staff members as many of your visitors will want to hear about SHUKR.

Finally, SHUKR's mission statement is to serve the Muslim and non-Muslim community by promoting Islamic and modest clothing. By displaying SHUKR adverts, you will also be part of this great mission.

To join SHUKR’s affiliate program, please click here.

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